Merkas Linyonei Chinuch Tzivos Hashem

Our Story

Eight years ago in 2014, the Chidon was started with 45 children. It was a reward for any child who had scored high enough on three difficult tests on the 613 Mitzvos. As that year’s Chidon came to a close, the children were challenged: “Come back next year, but with another friend too!”

Chidon didn’t double its numbers the next year. It exploded to more than four times the size. And this happened again the next year, and the next. Unbelievably, this year there are over 7,000 children enrolled. The average child spends over 100 a year, a total of over 500 hours over 5 years studying diligently to master all 613 Mitzvos.

What is this movement that has won the hearts and minds of so many children in so little time?

This is Chidon. It was established as a new, creative way to encourage participation in the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s campaign of studying Rambam daily, uniting all of the Jewish people through a cycle of studying all of the mitzvos.

But it is not just another competition. It is a movement fueled by an incredible mid-winter international Chidon experience and the most glamorous Championship and Award Ceremony most will ever experience. Belonging to the Chidon is now the only socially-acceptable option in many schools, transforming the atmosphere in hundreds of homes into a place of passionate Torah study.

The goal of the Chidon is “Every Child, Every Mitzvah”, to teach every Jewish child every Mitzvah in the Torah. And at the rate that we are going, we are well on our way there.

Be a part of it. Help us transform more homes, more communities, and ultimately the world into a place where Torah shines and Hashem can feel comfortable with the arrival of Moshiach now.

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